Countertop Material
Features Solid Surface Quartz Granite
1. Brand Names Corian, Comacs, etc.

2. Apperance Dull, Uniform Lustrous, three-dimensional. Lustrous, rich, and crystalline.
3. Must Be Sealed? No No. Yes.
4. Require Pro Installation? Yes Yes. Yes.
5. Durability Can scratch and scorch (though scratches can be sanded out). Hard, but can scorch. Hard, but can crack. Will absorb stains if not sealed properly.
6. Visibility of Seams Best “invisibility” of seams of all products. Visible, though a good installer can hide seams well. Same as quartz – visible, though a good installer can hide seams well.
7. Man-Made vs Minerals 33% manmade (polymers);
66% natural minerals.
7% manmade; 93% natural. 100% natural (in the case of slab granite).
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Kitchen Cabinet Quartz surface Top
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Quartz Cabinet Surface
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