Quartz Malaysia Worktops

We supply all the international luxury engineered quartz stone surface from several manufactures however our five main suppliers are:

Quartz Surface is made by the worlds most advanced vacuum forming technology for producing vibrating compression of the new material.its hardness is second only to natural mineral diamond.

1.  Scratch- Resistant,

2. Stain-Resistant,

3. Heat resistant,

4.  Non-toxic,

5.  No radiation,

6. Colorful,

It can be used in far outweigh the kitchen knife,the shovel,but would not be scratch.It has excellent corrosion resistance to soda acid surface.Using daily liquids wont penetrate the internal,long time Stain can be clean by common cleaning water,etc can be erased by regular cleaner,color is plentiful with combination of natural stone texture and beautiful surface gloss,Moreover,It can according to customers request,to adjust for various colors.

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