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Remember when a box of crayons used to hold just 8? Those days are gone. Radianz® offers a range of more than 36 distinctive color options. After all, your countertop color may be the most striking feature of your new room or commercial space. Each color is inspired by an iconic natural formation, and unlike granite, your Radianz® color will be consistent through every inch of the surface. So sift through our options. When you find the perfect match for your kitchen, bath or commercial design, order a sample and put it to the test.

Along side our natural stones we are proud to offer the Samsung Radianz™ Quartz range. Samsung now offer a fantastic range of colours, including their unique Noble range, with jumbo slabs as a standard size too, giving your designs more scope, and at reasonable prices.

Radianz™ surfaces are composed of advanced polymer resins and pigments which are fused with 93% quartz, one of the hardest minerals in nature